New Year's Resolutions

2010-01-01 22:28:02 by jdixon

I'm not sure how effective it is to post these here, but I'm hopeful that having them in cyberspace will help keep me motivated. I'm hereafter calling these goals rather than resolutions The latter, to me, implies something that you begin immediately. This cold-turkey approach virtually guarantees failure. The moment you trip up, the subconscious immediately considers them a lost cause and reverts to the old behavior. As goals, I think it sets a more optimistic tone and allows me to gradually adapt the preferred conduct.

Without further ado, my personal list of goals for this year (in no particular order)...

Eat Better

I've always been overweight. Exercise has rarely helped, even when I played hours of basketball and tennis daily. The one thing that has worked is watching my caloric intake. I need to try and find a reasonable rotation of good meals to eat near my office and avoid the bad social-eating habits that plague me. I know what to do, I just need the will-power to stick with it.


I can't remember the last time I read a printed book just for the enjoyment of it. I'd like to find a genre that will keep my interest long enough to finish it through. Ideally, something that's entertaining and that I can absorb and apply towards my daily work. Shrug.


This includes blogging, the occasional technical paper, and perhaps even a book. But I think the goal here is more about the journey rather than the destination. I've always been very weak at communicating my ideas verbally. I think my peers can attest to this. I have a terrible problem with cluttered speech and organizing my thoughts into a lucid stream of consciousness. It's not as though I'm an expert author, but I have a process that (mostly) works and I'd like to refine it into something that can be used for my "real-time" correspondence.

Help Circonus Succeed

I'm really excited to see this project move forward. I wish I could say more about it now, but it will be public soon enough. The development and design team working on this is world-class and it shows.

Spend More Time with Kids

The last item conflicts a lot with this one. I have a pair of incredible child processes. Now if I can only keep my priorities straight and somehow keep everything moving forward. Thankfully they have a great mom who keeps everyone in line.

DCBSDCon 2010

This goal is highly dependent on finding inexpensive event space very soon. I sense a lot of the same obstacles as last year (lack of volunteers, lack of sponsors, lack of time). Hopefully the success of last year's event will reap rewards this year.

Learn Something New Every Day

Cheesy, but true. Fortunately I work at a company full of brilliant people. It's very hard not to learn something new every day.

Practice Design

One of the biggest obstacles for my Open Source projects is the lack of proper (and compelling) user-interface design and coding. I've given up hope that I'll find any CSS/AJAX/XHTML coder/design freaks interested in my niche projects. I know enough CSS to be dangerous. Now if I could just add some compliance and discipline to the mix.

Hone my Paranoia

I have something of a reputation as the local Security Guy. Aside from an interest in network security (read: Firewalls), I think this stems from a vocal suspicion towards vague assumptions and misplaced trust. There are countless models where this applies; if only I could refine this idiosyncracy into something profitable.

These should keep me busy for a while. Anything you'd like to add?


at 2010-01-07 17:28:50, Rafael S. wrote in to say...

good luck for all your goals in this (I hope) fantastic year.


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