Shiny Objects and WTFs

2009-08-13 03:42:54 by jdixon

I've never claimed to be a prolific hacker. I take much longer to complete a simple piece of code than even your typical hobbyist programmer. I'm easily distracted by shiny objects and WTFs.

Nevertheless, I finally gave in and threw together something resembling a blogging app. There are no fancy features yet, and likely never will be. It currently does about 90% of what I want it to do, which is closer to 2% of what the typical blogging/CMS application is capable of. It's my own KISS approach with a healthy peppering of careful input handling and a simple SQLite backend.

If you've been looking for a small blog application, particularly one designed for running in OpenBSD's default httpd(8) chroot, then Blogsum might be good for you. If not, that's ok too. Let the next guy have his World Domination. I just want to blog some.


at 2009-11-12 21:08:55, ficovh wrote in to say...

Cool!, for many time, I'm searching a good solution for manahe my simple blog (now down!). I test Mephisto (rails app), Movable Type (more big), now I see blogsum and specific for httpd(8), this is very nice for me, haven a simple Soekris 4801 with litle bit resources, it's really a very nice notice.

Thank you.

P.D. Perl is my favorite programming language :D

at 2009-11-12 21:19:40, Jason Dixon wrote in to say...

I'm glad you've found Blogsum and that it's a good fit for you. Enjoy!

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