Mad as Hell

2011-09-25 00:24:02 by jdixon

Laid a smackdown of truth on a loudmouth conservative parent at a kid's birthday party today. This guy (another kid's father) complained about pro athletes being "greedy" and how firemen are underpaid and not getting salary increases. I forced myself to get up and explain to him how:

  • Both are a result of the supply and demand of the capitalist society he believes so strongly in.
  • He's a hypocrite for supporting his own union but decrying the work of the NFL Player's Union.
  • While I respect his work and applaud him for his efforts, he chose his profession. Nobody forced him into it. If he wasn't there to do it, someone else would fill the vacuum and happily take his paycheck.
  • Blaming Obama, or Bush, or even Clinton for his woes is asinine. The toxic state of our government is a direct result of unbridled capitalism that's run unchecked for the last 30 years and continues to deteriorate.
  • Corporations like GE earn $14B in profits but pay zero in taxes.
  • Iraq didn't attack the United States, Al Qaeda did. We invaded Iraq without cause and continue to participate in wars without justification.
  • The aforementioned reasons are why our government programs and agencies are struggling to make ends meet, not because of "entitlements" paid out to citizens who've earned their social security.
  • We can't continue to support an upper-class that refuses to pay forward their dues to society.

Generally speaking, I'm a timid sort at social affairs. I'll keep to myself with a soda and my phone. But I heard this guy ranting and called him out on it. I shouldn't brag, but I'm fucking proud of standing up for my beliefs today. And to his credit, this guy had the decency to listen to what I was saying and, as best as I could tell, actually made sense of what he heard. At the end we shook hands and agreed that it's good to talk about these issues in healthy debate in public.

I don't know what came over me. It might have something to do with me watching Network again this week. Although the film is 35 years old, it's a striking narrative of today's problems in politics, mainstream media and corporate America. I'm tired of the ignorant posturing by both sides, fueled by self-serving tabloid hawkers and a political system tainted by corporate greed. There are decent people on both sides of the two-party spectrum but we're forced to eat from the news feedbag with a hood over our eyes.

I think Howard Beale said it best.


at 2012-03-10 20:39:56, Peter Burkholder wrote in to say...

LOL. Never had the right repartee myself at kids' b-day parties. (Not Spam -- we met at Surge2010. Ended up on your blog pondering Circonus/Sensu/MonitoringSucks)

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