Trying to Get Shit Done

2012-02-09 23:38:00 by jdixon

This evening I asked for your suggestions on blocking online distractions, allowing me to focus on code for an extended period of time. I have a constant struggle with interruptions (read: shiny things) including online news, email and Twitter. There was a flood of responses in no time. Here are the more popular suggestions, along with my winners below.

  • quit the offending apps
  • block websites
  • login with a different user
  • work offline
  • coffee
  • music
  • self-control (lol rite)

I suspect that all of these would have some benefit, perhaps except coffee, which has never given me much of a boost anyways. As a side note, I've quit Diet Coke since my surgery and am exclusively drinking water. So it's possible that coffee might give me an insanely productive hit, but I'm not willing to tread that path yet. Here are the specific steps I took which seemed to work quite well for my particular workflow.

  1. quit Twitter app
  2. quit Chrome (primary browser)
  3. quit Firefox (used for HTML email, Facebook and banking)
  4. quit Propane (Campfire app, work communications)
  5. quit Adium
  6. quit Skype
  7. detached my remote screen session (mutt and irssi)
  8. equipped Sony MDR-V6 headphones
  9. launched Spotify radio (trance)
  10. put iTerm2 in full-screen mode (used for psql, git and debugging development server)
  11. put MacVim in full-screen mode
  12. launched Safari for API docs and development site

I'm pleased with the recent experiment, even if it only lasted one hour. I'll continue to make adjustments and report any significant improvements I find.


at 2012-02-10 19:01:01, davewongillies wrote in to say...

During the week I read some article (can't remember where right now) and it mentioned listening to some sort of white noise like ocean waves or something being a good way of increasing concentration levels. I gave it a go and did find that it helped, even compared to listening to music, which is what I normally do. Only problem was that I got kind of sick of it after a couple of hours.

at 2012-03-14 07:57:34, KingOfAces wrote in to say...

Put on a podcast, no facebook open etc, and go for tha money ( as in work hard). Also , 5 minutes reddit per hour MAX :D

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