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2012-08-26 18:21:47 by jdixon

I've been a little busy lately and haven't found the time to post any new articles, Graphite-related or otherwise. For those who missed the announcement, I started working at GitHub in July. Initially I continued my work on Descartes; more recently my time has been split up among a few different projects, both inside and outside of work. Although I generally detest announcing plans before shipping them, I thought others might like to read about what I'm working on these days.


Still doing a lot of work here. In particular I'm working on what will eventually replace the server-side Graphite png graphs with client-side rendering (via Rickshaw). There's still a ton of work to do with graph creation and management, and more interestingly, my vision for metrics search within Descartes.

Monitoring Conference and Hackathon

I've been blabbing on about a monitoring conference and/or hackathon for months now. Originally the plan was to host a one-day hackathon to coincide with Surge. However, due to conflicts I've decided to launch this as a standalone event next Spring. The event is hereby known as Monitorama, scheduled for March 28-29, 2013 at the Microsoft NERD Center in Boston. Initial response has been awesome both by potential speakers, attendees and partners, and I'm really excited to announce more details as this unfolds (website in progress). For now please whet your appetite with these tidbits:

  • single-track sessions over two days
  • speaker sessions in the mornings
  • split-sessions in the afternoons: workshops and hackathon
  • high accessibility, low-cost
  • an emphasis on getting shit done

Graphite Screencasts

I've been mulling over how best to convey Graphite information in a creative, experimental manner outside of the official documentation. I've had interest from publishers in a Graphite book. And while this is really neat, I think that the visual nature of Graphite, not to mention the constantly evolving nature of open source software, make a compelling argument for presenting this content as a series of screencasts. I think that something analogous to Gary Bernhardt's Destroy All Software or the excellent Peepcode screencasts would be a great fit for audiences interested in Graphite tutorials. I'm still working out the delivery mechanism, but hopefully we'll have forward momentum for this within the next few months.

DevOpsDays Italy

I'll be speaking at the DevOpsDays conference this October in Rome, Italy. To say that I'm thrilled would be a massive understatement. I've never traveled overseas, much less Rome, which has always been a dream destination of mine. This will also be my first DevOpsDays event so the geek factor will be dialed up to 11. I have some ideas for the talk that I think will make it really fun and informative. I hope that I'll get to see you there.

More Open Source

I love working on Descartes, but I need to set aside some time for Tasseo's tactical dashboard concept. The feature would allow you to click on any individual metric (or combination of metrics), opening a larger combination line-graph at the top. Viewing multiple metrics on a single chart should improve troubleshooting capabilities without requiring you to load something like Descartes (or the native Graphite UI) for correlating metrics during an outage. This actually shouldn't take too long but I haven't allowed myself to focus on Tasseo in months. Fortunately the project is mostly stable so it doesn't require constant babysitting.

Besides my own personal projects, GitHub has a number of really cool internal projects that need to be cleaned up and open source. I'm currently working on one of these, a sampler and collection agent for gathering metrics and sending them to one of multiple backend types (e.g. Graphite, Librato, etc). Think of it as Backstop on steroids.


It's going to be a very busy stretching leading up to the holiday season. Fortunately these are all things I care about and really want to see happen. I think that Monitorama is going to kick all sorts of ass but I'm going to resist the temptation to spam everyone about it. If you want to stay up-to-date on the event, start following @Monitorama on Twitter for updates and announcements.

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