Trip to Italy

2012-10-06 13:21:15 by jdixon

I've just concluded a week in Italy as part of my visit to speak at DevOpsDays Roma. Most people don't know this, but I was an Architecture student at Georgia Tech many years ago. As such, I was exposed to a lot of Greek and Roman history. This made a lasting impression on me; I've always dreamed of visiting Rome and it was a stroke of luck when I heard about the conference and was eventually accepted to speak.

Rome is pretty much everything I imagined except for one thing. There's even more to see than I ever evisioned. Driving through the heart of the city leaves you with your jaw in your lap as a countless stream of ancient monuments, buildings and ruins drift past. If I had the chance to do it again I'd rent a Vespa and ride around the Il Vittoriano until I ran out of gas.

The people are hospitable and tolerant of tourists. We encountered a number of friendly locals, but it strikes me as a very independent culture. It might have something to do with our location; we found a rental apartment in Trastevere, a rione (district) where many native Romans prefer to live and unwind after hours. The area is filled with trattorias, ristorantes, gelaterias, bars and other small shops. Although most folks we encountered were not fluent in English, we were able to communicate with a key subset of vocabulary ("grazie", "prego", "si", and "ciao").

As far as the conference, it was my first DevOpsDays conference. I came away very impressed with the organization of the event as well as the participation of the attendees. The sessions themselves were top-notch (present company excluded). All kidding aside though, my talk seemed to go quite well. Feedback was overwhelmingly positive, and a number of lively side conversations lead me to believe we're on the right track. I'm happy to see that the message of the "event stream model" and that of composable systems resonates with so many smart people. I hope this segues nicely into Monitorama next Spring.

Talks from the event are already available online. The video from my session is below; jump to the 11:50 mark to skip the sponsor session. Slides from the talk have been uploaded to Speaker Deck.

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