Graphite Tip - Grouping Release Metrics in the Legend

2013-04-03 12:48:07 by jdixon

Last year I gave examples for using drawAsInfinite to help visualize the frequency of particular events (deploys, commits, etc). One of the side effects that I failed to mention is that these will quickly fill up your legend with labels, making it impossible to view the legend at all. It's likely that you've seen this sort of thing at least once (assuming you forced hideLegend=false):

Fortunately we can bend these metrics to our will by "grouping" them with sumSeries() and then applying our alias (optional but recommended). The following graph uses target=alias(drawAsInfinite(sumSeries(deploy.*.*)),"deploys").

Bonus Tip: After posting this, it occurred to me that the sumSeries was resulting in a colored line along the X-axis due to all of the nulls being summed up to zero (0). Therefore, we can also exclude those using the removeBelowValue() function I demonstrated recently. Here is the final version, using target=alias(removeBelowValue(drawAsInfinite(sumSeries(deploy.*.*)),0.25),"deploys").

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