WTF is Chartroulette

2013-05-13 16:32:42 by jdixon

Sometimes the silliest features are the ones that inspire you most. This was certainly the case with the new Chartroulette view that I recently merged into Descartes. Because I wanted so badly for this to become a reality it forced me to knock out some other dependencies (user model, favorite dashboards, and better user mapping) rather quickly.

To be fair, there's nothing silly about the idea behind Chartroulette. At GitHub we have an internal app by @maddox that allows users to rotate any Mac or iOS-based device's screen through a series of website URLs. Typically we use this to cycle through dashboards or graphs. While I'd love to see this open-sourced, I know that Jon is a very busy guy so I figured that emulating this functionality within Descartes might be the next best thing.

The basic gist of the Chartroulette view is that it will automatically cycle between any dashboards you have favorited. Favorites in themselves are a new feature (and currently only implemented in dashboards, not graphs), so you might not even know about them yet. When you visit a Descartes dashboard you will now see a star next to the dashboard title. Click the star (duh) to mark it as a favorite. Now when you visit the Chartroulette view, it will load a different dashboard every 10 seconds (the current default interval). I have plans for other ways to expose favorited items, but for now I want to spend more time with them to see what feels right. For now, enjoy this new feature.

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