2009-08-19 12:24:19 by jdixon

Sometimes we all have difficult days. The alarm goes off at 5am for an early start. Traffic is a bitch. Hardware breaks, data corrupts, services lockup, drives fill up and servers crash. Co-workers disagree and people yell. The pager likes the sound of its own voice.

Once in a while, these days happen. We forge through them with a restless eye at the clock, waiting for it to be over. At the conclusion, can we look in the mirror and be proud of our efforts, or is there regret for the should'ves? It's hard to be passionate every day. When the cogs are aligned and the ship runs smoothly, passion stokes our fire and gives flight to new ideas. But a foul day can quickly drain our passion and result in poor judgment and apathy.

I used to play golf a lot. When I worked the graveyard shift, I routinely teed off at the end of my day. While most of the other golfers feared the dreaded sand-trap, I reveled in the opportunity. The chance to easily "save out" and focus on the next hole. Being able to meet these obstacles as opportunities adjusts our perception and can inspire us to greater heights.