Trending with Purpose

2011-03-18 13:52:44 by jdixon

I threw together a presentation on short notice this week for an internal tele-conference about Trending with Purpose. The end result was much better than I might have expected (even given my penchant for procrastinating). Although much of the content is specific to applications currently in use at $DAYJOB, I think there's something to take out of it even if you're not using these tools.

The content is intended for developers who might not (or know how to) use application profiling data to complement their operations' monitoring and trending efforts. Special props to the developers for open-sourcing their Graphite graphing tool, as well as John Allspaw and the Etsy Engineering team for their work on StatsD, and for generally serving as innovators in the Web Operations industry.

Special note: These slides were thrown together in rapid fashion. Anyone who experiences violent reactions to Gill Sans Italic should not download this slideshow. You have been warned.

The slides are available here.


at 2011-04-08 12:17:00, elip wrote in to say...

Any reason Reconnoiter wasn't mentioned at all? Is anyone outside of Omniti actually running it?

at 2011-04-08 12:50:21, Jason Dixon wrote in to say...

This particular talk covered technologies that we're using in production at End Point and for our customers. Certainly you can do similar things with Reconnoiter (in place of Graphite), but the community momentum right now seems to be with Graphite.

As to your other question, I know there are companies outside of OmniTI using Reconnoiter. Circonus is OmniTI's SaaS monitoring service built on Reconnoiter. Cloudkick uses Reconnoiter as one of their components. There are other companies using Reconnoiter to monitor their internal systems, but I don't have an exhaustive list.

at 2013-09-13 18:31:11, Paresh Javkar wrote in to say...

I am working on some of the Trending/Projection stuff for the capacity analysis, I was able to get the growth projection using some good functions in graphite, now I want to setup an alert based on the Projected Growth and the Actual Available Space, How do I derive a formula which would help me send out an alert maybe sometime in advance that I am approaching my space limit.

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