Mad Stylers in Demand

2009-09-20 23:04:53 by jdixon

Blogsum is quickly reaching the point where the focus is on style rather than substance. This is a good thing, of course; all of the core features envisioned for Blogsum are complete. If you've been paying attention at home you might have noticed that the directory layout has been tweaked a bit this weekend. I think these changes will make it much easier to support user modifications and third-party style templates.

The preference for Blogsum styling is to just modify the CSS stylesheet. However, users are also free to modify the images and HTML templates if they so desire. The structure is pretty straightforward:


The default theme is obviously contained in /blogsum/themes/default/ and shouldn't be modified. Copying the entire contents to a new theme directory is enough to get started. Make sure to set $blog_theme in your The only images currently included are used in the Admin view for managing articles.

P.S. There is now a Blogsum-users mailing list available for general questions and discussion about the project. If you happen to craft a new theme, please let us know!


at 2009-09-24 19:16:52, Mikolaj Kucharski wrote in to say...

Saw your submission on [email protected], I like it. Nice work. What do you think about favicon support as part of theme?

at 2009-09-24 19:38:54, Jason Dixon wrote in to say...

Thanks. I've been meaning to put together a favicon. Sure, I can add that in there.

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