Wings of Blurry

2009-09-11 10:06:38 by jdixon

This past Monday, the kids and I sat on the front porch watching bees buzzing into the purple trumpets of our hosta. We followed the long stems of the plant bow and bounce as the curious insects went about their work. In a fleeting moment, we heard an impossibly loud buzz coming from overhead and then shoot past us. A large hummingbird paused, directly above the hosta. It considered the plant for a moment, wings in full turbulence, then zipped away to its next destination.

I love how some of life's coolest moments are painfully brief. It leaves you wanting more.


at 2009-09-11 12:28:38, Dan wrote in to say...

Geez dude, should I be worried?

at 2009-09-11 13:42:18, jdixon wrote in to say...

Yes you should. I welcome our overlord hummingbirds.

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