Shooting a Barrelfish of Monkeys

2009-09-26 23:29:47 by jdixon

Stumbled across the Barrelfish project over at OSnews. The proof-of-concept Operating System appears to borrow concepts from distributed systems design. Rather than have a single kernel managing multiple cores, the Multicore kernel assumes no inter-core sharing and communicates with message passing. Presumably they've been able to overcome some of the traditional performance hits there.

I was particularly pleased to see their first relase distributed under a BSD-style license. Those crazy bastards at Microsoft, what's next... a Windows release that doesn't suck?


at 2009-09-30 00:41:10, Bryan wrote in to say...

Weird project, but I will read the little PDF document on their site.

Blogsum is really nice, great work Jason.

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