Graphite Script for Campfire Hubot

2012-04-13 23:42:57 by jdixon

We use Campfire extensively at $DAYJOB. As our Ops team is 100% remote, it's become indispensable for us. Although it has some minor warts (lack of proper timestamps) it works quite well as a chat medium and collaboration tool. Because of its popularity, there are tons of plugins available. Not the least of which is Hubot, a bot written by GitHub specifically for Campfire.

Hubot supports a wide variety of commands, from useful ones that retrieve Google Maps and Images, to more frivolous examples like PugMe. So it was only a matter of time before I saw the potential for Hubot to be used as a mechanism for sharing Graphite data. After dragging my feet for months, I'm proud to bring you the Graphite script for Hubot.

The usage is simple enough; it only does two things. You can search for saved graphs, returning a list of dot-delimited graph identifiers. It does this by recursively crawling the composer graph directory and returning any matches. Pass one of these names to show and it will display the matching graph in your Campfire room.

Attentive readers might wonder why the bot above is named Merman. This is a private fork of Hubot that's been slightly modified for our own tastes. Never fear, this plugin should work fine with the mainstream Hubot.

I have more interesting ideas for this bot, time permitting. For now, give it a spin and let me know what you think. Pull requests are always welcome.

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