Unhelpful Graphite Tip #2 - Graph Bookmarklet

2012-04-10 18:58:26 by jdixon

I wish I could say I've been using this little gem for years. Alas, I just learned about it last night courtesy of R. Tyler Croy (@agentdero). This has already been a godsend, in less than one full day of use.

Save the following snippet as a bookmark. I have it right next to the Graphite link in my bookmark bar.

javascript:url=prompt("Enter Url");
if (url){content.Composer.loadMyGraph("temp", url);};

The next time someone sends you the link to a graph, load up your Graphite composer and then hit that bookmarklet. Paste in the link and click Ok.

Voila, the link is now visible within your composer window. Enjoy!


at 2012-04-12 09:19:04, Michael Hale wrote in to say...

Awesome! I love that I can pull a "static" graph url into the composer for further tweaking.

at 2013-07-15 10:12:00, Andrew Feller wrote in to say...

Pretty fucking amazing except there is some weird bug where graphite is not decoding the first encoded character in the url


results in


at 2013-08-14 19:00:51, Michael Rose wrote in to say...

javascript:url=prompt("Enter Url");if (url){content.Composer.loadMyGraph("temp", decodeURIComponent(url));};

Will solve the urldecoding issues :)

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