Unhelpful Graphite Tip #7 - Organizing your Saved Graphs

2012-04-15 19:01:26 by jdixon

If you're logged into Graphite as an authenticated user you have the option of saving graphs, which will appear under the "My Graphs" folder in the navigation tree to the left. There are some limitations (you can't include spaces in the filename) but it's otherwise a useful feature for saving and sharing graphs with others.

Unknown to some users, Graphite's dot-delimited naming schema is not only available in metrics, but in saved graph names as well. Once you've created or modified a graph, click the Save button (floppy disk icon)...

Enter a dot-delimited path prefix to create a folder. In the following example we're creating a folder named nginx with a graph named conntrack. For additional nested folders, add more path segments.

Graphite will save the graph metadata to the database and popup a dialog confirming the action.

Reload the Graphite window and you'll see the new directory structure.


at 2012-12-11 17:46:00, Iancu wrote in to say...

Hello Jason, I installed graphite following your screencast from youtube (http://youtu.be/0-g--_Be2jc). However this save graph functionality doesn't exist for me. Any idea why and what I need to do in order to obtain it (this feature would be really useful for some of my graphs)?

Thanks, Iancu

at 2012-12-11 17:53:35, Jason Dixon wrote in to say...

@Iancu - You have to be logged into Graphite/Django to have "save graph" available to you.

at 2012-12-12 07:41:26, Iancu wrote in to say...

Got it! Thanks yet again! The login link was too small for my eyes ^^.

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